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I’m an Aggie

About 4 years ago, I was a 16 year old kid getting ready to graduate from high school.

I danced at Harry’s and the Hall, I pond hopped, I went grocery shopping at HEB at midnight, I’ve been kissed at Midnight Yell by a member of the corps, I walked around campus during E Walk and Elephant Walk, I went to Fish Camp, I played football after a hurricane, I went to class, I cried in a professors office, I changed my major 3 times, I was part of the 12th Man, I traveled to Waco and Austin to BTHO Baylor and t.u., I carved my name on a table at the Chicken, I went to Taco C after a football game, I went to Fuego, I played intramurals, I went to Ring Dance, I got my Aggie Ring, I accumulated 138 college credits.

Tomorrow, I’ll be a 20 year old woman graduating from college.