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Day 4 – My Views on Religion

And a year later, she writes.

This is actually a pretty tough post. Throughout college my views changed dramatically. While I’ve always considered myself a Christian, my beliefs have undergone a massive change from legalistic to liberal to somewhere in between.

I suppose I was raised what some might call Sabatarian, but I always called “non-denominational” so as to not spark conversation. Now, I’ll talk openly about my religious beliefs and what has changed for me.

Junior year of college was a toughie. I was reading my Bible daily and felt like Satan was attacking me. I was on my first Departmental Probation for failing a couple courses the summer before, but was blessed to make it though that Fall semester with a 3.28 GPA. I can’t even tell you how many times I got down on my knees, eyes full of tears, praying to God to get me through that semester. And He did.

While I would say religion is important because we, as humans, need to have relationships, I believe that a relationship with Christ is so much more than just a religion

I could go on, but for the sake of this blog entry being short, that’s all for now.


Day 2 – Where You’d Like to be in 10 Years

Ten years… that’s a long time for now. In fact, I’ll be 26 days away from turning 31. So not only will I be old, I’ll be over 30. Joy.

I guess I hope to either be teaching and coaching or doing something will the school system. This summer I’m working on getting certified, and after that hopefully getting my master’s in either education or administration. Something like that, anyway.

The ride home on Monday I got passed by a sheriff and was reminded of scream 4. I kind of want to marry a cop. I don’t really know why. Somehow that all got connected in my head.

Oh, and hopefully I’ll have a kid or two.

We shall see.

30 Day Blog Challenge

I’m single, if you didn’t know this. Normally, I hate being single but I’m actually really enjoying it right now. I get to hang out with my guy friends without worrying if my boyfriend is jealous. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Not to say that I wouldn’t like being in a relationship, but I just haven’t found the right guy.

I thought I had, but that’s a long story.

So anyways, I get to focus on my school work and graduate and go to work with the real people. Well, not exactly. I’m going to be a summer camp counselor while working on getting my teaching certificate. Then, the REAL fun starts.


After playing 2 songs, it decides to tell me that I need to register for free and refuses to let me listen to more music without doing this. If it’s free, why must a register. Pandora, you make no sense. Especially since you are connected to my Facebook and that’s how you’re picking songs for me.

First, you play Jaron and the Long Road to Ruin, then you play The Fray. Both good, but how are they in any way connected? I mention nothing about The Fray on my Facebook page. Then you play Edwin McCain and then Granger Smith.

You baffle me, Pandora.

Some Things Never Change

Like how my favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You

And how something funny can make my day so much better.
Me Jessica- Is the reaction time supposed to be longer than the reflex time?
T.A. Lauren- Is thereĀ  a question about that?
J- Yes, but I already answered it, and I promise I won’t change my answer.
L- I believe you. Yeah, it’s supposed to be longer.
J- My reaction time is faster than Josh’s reflex time.
L- Well maybe you’re awesome and Josh has a Spinal Degenerative Disease.

And how I’m addicted to Starbucks coffee

And lastly, how I can’t sit still while listening to rap music.


Christianity in the Classroom

Oh hey, I do still have a blog.

As I was walking back to West Campus Garage from the Med Sci Library, I saw this old man walking across the parking lot. He reminded me of my population genetics professor. He was the professor who made fun of creationists. That’s one of the only two things I remember about him.

The other thing is when he told us the only time he got a B in a class was the semester that he met his wife. Now, while I can imagine a genetics professor to not be a Christian, I have a hard time imagining a sweet old lady who isn’t a Christian.

Am I weird for that?

Songs That Get Stuck in My Head

Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson. I absolutely love this song. And I could sing it to you word for word. It’s sassy. I love her self-confidence. I’m also a huge fan of the line “you can stare but if you touch it I’ma bury”. Now do the pretty girl rock.

Baby by Justin Bieber. Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s great though. I don’t care if he’s 12. That boy can sing. And I was like baby, baby, baby ohhh.

What the Hell by Avril Lavigne. I’ve been a fan of Avril since the Complicated days. This is kinda raunchy for me normally, but still, I love that she’s not letting some stupid boy control her. And I’m kinda jealous of her super-straight hair. All my life I’ve been good but now I’m thinking what the hell.

and last but not least:

Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band. I think I love every single song by them. I just got their new album. Martin is by far my favorite. Second is Whiskey’s Gone. Wonderful cd. This song is just really sad. And I’m not entirely sure what’s going on or how things end. Input anyone?

Happy Friday!