100 Things About the Author

The beginning

  1. My name is Jessica
  2. I’m in college
  3. I love Jesus
  4. People always think I’m older than I am
  5. It’s because I started kindergarten a year early
  6. I like to sing in the car
  7. But only around people who I know
  8. I went to a private high school
  9. Because my parents are awesome
  10. I’m an only child
  11. And sometimes I fit the stereotypes
  12. And it drives me crazy
  13. When I was little I wanted a “sizzer” (sister)
  14. But it’s obviously not what God had planned for my parents/me
  15. And that’s okay
  16. I keep hitting something on my computer that shifts things up
  17. I think that means I’m not a techie
  18. I like crossword puzzles
  19. And believe it or not, that wasn’t a random transition, because “techie” was in the crossword puzzle I did last
  20. I can’t finish the ones on Fridays
  21. I feel accomplished when I read books
  22. I read a lot
  23. I read the Twilight series 3 times
  24. I’m not ashamed of that
  25. I think that makes it worse.
  26. I’m usually grammar and punctuationally (that’s not a word) “anal”
  27. But I’m dealing with that for this purpose
  28. My first blog has an improper use of the word “too” where it should be “two”
  29. This irritates me, but I said no edits which doesn’t count if I catch it before I post it!
  30. I wish there was “grammar check” on this thing I’m glad there’s grammar check on this thing
  31. Or if there is that I’d know how to use it And that I learned how to use it
  32. Some of my friends are awesome
  33. And the rest are awesome too
  34. But that’s not about me, but I love them! (there that counts)
  35. I’m really tired
  36. But trying to get this done anyways
  37. I type really fast
  38. I think I get that from my mom
  39. Or being on AIM so much freshman year of high school
  40. I love volleyball
  41. I played it for 8 years, took 2 years off and I play it recreationally now
  42. It bothers me that I can’t be competitive any more
  43. Because I still am
  44. WordPress doesn’t like the word “recreationally” but I’m using it anyways
  45. I like to make up words sometimes
  46. Or use big words incorrectly
  47. I try not to do that around really smart people though
  48. Because I know they’ll catch me
  49. I also like spelling things correctly
  50. So if I have a typo or something, feel free to tell me
  51. I won’t hate you
  52. I’ll hate myself
  53. I’m kidding
  54. But seriously, tell me!
  55. You’ll win a point
  56. But you just lost the game!
  57. That’s a mind virus
  58. And I could go off on a tangent about that, but I’ll spare you
  59. I like talking to new people
  60. I like listening to new people talk
  61. I like talking to psych majors
  62. I think psych is really interesting
  63. I think that headaches are terrible things
  64. Second to back aches that render you immovable
  65. I was worried I’d spelled that last word incorrectly
  66. I don’t like when we “fall back” because it gets dark really early
  67. Sleep is like a hug from God
  68. But I didn’t come up with that, I just agree
  69. I think my favorite book of the Bible changes from day-to-day
  70. I think it’s cool how God can use anyone for His purposes
  71. Paul is my favorite example of this
  72. I like Bible studies and wish I did more of them
  73. My friends call me 12
  74. I’m actually in one of my friend’s phones as “Jessica 12”
  75. This stemmed from high school
  76. And it came to college
  77. Yay going to college/living with your best friend from high school
  78. She tells all your secrets
  79. I’m kidding, she tells like none, she’s a vault
  80. I like the rain
  81. I’m not a fan of flooding
  82. or rain from hurricanes
  83. This reminds me of a MySpace survey
  84. I’m starting to feel slightly apathetic about this
  85. But I hate quitting so close to the end!
  86. Mondays are my longest day
  87. They’re fun to get rid of
  88. But they’re also fun to have
  89. I like working
  90. I like running
  91. Most people think I’m weird, but I think they’re weird
  92. Sorry if you’re one of those people
  93. I’m a fan of cardio exercise
  94. My last word count was 666 and that freaked me out
  95. I shouldn’t have looked down
  96. I think I might limit my blog posts to about 1000 words
  97. This seems sufficiently long enough
  98. 100 is a really big number to me
  99. Which is ironic since I deal with really big numbers in physics
  100. Yet not, because I deal with TINY numbers in Biochem

The end!


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