Today We’re Going to Talk about Me

Yeah I know, This is really no different than any other day on which I blog, but I’m not so creative anymore when it comes to titles.

There are a lot of things that really irritate me and get under my skin, but there’s nothing like talking bad about me under your breath. That’s the number one way to piss me off.

Monday night I was working at the Rec. That’s where I referee sand volleyball. Well, there’s this little rule where you have to wait until I (the ref) blows my whistle. So I didn’t blow my whistle and this guy serves anyways. So I say “you need to wait until I blow my whistle”. He then says “So it’s 12-7 now, right?” and I replied “no, it’s still 12-6. You NEED to wait until I blow my whistle”.

Then he starts talking bad about me so I say “yeah, because I’m really the person  you want to piss off right now.” And his friend says “he’s just kidding”.

I don’t care. You talk bad about me, I will not like you.

On another note, it was very cold Monday night. And windy. And I couldn’t feel my toes. I got asked if I was cold by a cute guy.

And then everything was better.


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