Sad Songs That Make Me Happy

I have a feeling you’ll think I’m weird after you read this post. That is, if you don’t think I’m weird already. However, since I’ve decided not to care a whole lot what people think, I’m going to tell you two of the sad songs that make me happy. And why.

A little plug for my boy Luke Bryan:

Someone Else Calling You Baby

Why it makes me happy should be kind of obvious if you know me for the simple fact that music makes me happy. This song in particular though has a fast beat. I also feel like he’s telling her to tell him there’s someone else so he can go be with someone else. Also, I feel like he has the satisfaction of being right about her.

P.S. I love his whole cd. Except who gave him permission to sing One Republic’s Apologize? Don’t do that again, Luke.

The other song is Red Light by David Nail.

I could go two ways with this song depending upon my mood. It could make me angry. Because think about it: she broke up with him on a good day. Way to ruin a good day. At least it doesn’t ruin the rain for him. I hear Rain is a Good Thing (another Luke Bryan plug, sorry).

This song makes me happy because it just makes me think about how awkward that would be. Not at a green light where the guy is focused on driving, but at a red light where you’re stopped there for who knows how long with possibly a decent drive in front of you. Awkward makes me laugh.

Okay, I’m weird.

Happy Thursday!


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