It’s Time You All Knew

I’m a Gleek.

It’s true.

And while I’d like to say that I’ve been one since the very begining, that simply isn’t true. The Winter break after the series started we watched all of the partial first season on DVD at the Rosenhagen’s beach house. As a former show choir member and long-time musical lover, I was elated. Plus who likes it when their friends talk about a show you’ve never seen?

I haven’t missed an episode since. And by “haven’t missed an episode since”, I mean that I’ve seen all the way through the current episode (I work on Tuesdays, sheesh).

Why is this so important?

Because my boyfriend refuses to watch it. He got through 4:55 of it and then demanded begged that he never would have to watch it again.

Although last night I got him to watch a clip of it. I loved Gweneth Paltrow’s cover of Forget You. SUCH a good song (well actually, it’s pretty terrible, but I like it a lot).

We somehow got on the topic of Conjunction Junction from School House Rock, which is funny because that song was also on Tuesday’s episode of Glee. Joy.

Happy Thursday!


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