College Kids are Busy

So you know how college kids say “I’ll do that after I graduate. I’ll have more free time”? I know you’ve heard it. You’ve definitely heard it if you’ve ever spent more than five minutes with me. Well, someone informed me junior year that we have more free time in college than after. I’m convinced that’s not true. I won’t have tests after I graduate. At least not tests to take.

Maybe the average American is more busy than the average college kid. I’ll give them that.

I have a test and a quiz on Monday (the day I have 5 classes) and a lab practical on Tuesday (after which we’re going out in the field for a collection trip). And I work (granted not more than 10 hours a week, but it’s still something).

I’m taking 12 hours, but one of them is volleyball so we’ll say 11. Multiply 11 by the 3 hours of recommended study time for each hour you’re taking and you have 33 + 11 = 44. Add in my job and I’m “working” 54 hours a week.

Maybe people say we have more time because we don’t sleep. That does tend to give me more hours in my day.

Okay, all you real people. I’ll confess something. I’m having more fun than I’m letting on.

Happy Friday!


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