Best Weekend Ever

Well, hopefully not ever. But it was a really awesome.

Friday night I packed up my things and headed home to Houston. We had dinner with my grandparents at Red Lobster (I love their Cheddar Bay Biscuits… this just reminded me that I forgot them in the hotel. Drat.), got dessert at my grandparents house (my parents had Bluebell and I had a bite of a peach because I was stuffed from dinner), and then headed towards Galveston.

After church on Saturday we went to eat at Rainforest Cafe. It was absolutely the best dinning experience I have had and I highly reccommend it to someone who hasn’t been there. They have animals and the entire restaurant is a huge rainforest. They even have an “active” volcano that you can see when you’re outside. They have a water ride by the gift shop that is actually really cool (even if you aren’t a kid). Another plus was the food. I got the Chicken Dijon and it was delicious!

After RC we went over to the Bolivar Peninsula (by way of ferry). I get seasick, but I made it through without feeling too terrible. Once we got to the other side we picked flowers for my class collection. Picking the sunflower was pretty ridiculous because it was taller than me. Then I remembered that I didn’t need the root because I knew what it was and I couldn’t stop laughing. We had picked a huge sunflower stalk in front of a very long line of people waiting to get on the ferry. It was great. Reading that I realize yet again that I suck at telling stories. But trust me, it was funny.

Next we went home and I worked on my paper till about 11:10, I watched One Tree Hill, Grey’s, and Private Practice and then crashed for the night.

Then Sunday after church we went to Walmart in preparation for our beach trip, but we took to long getting ready, I got hungry, and so we went back to Houston to eat so we could watch the Cowboys beat the Texans WHOOP! and I would be able to get back to College Station in time for work.

I love my family.

Happy Wednesday!


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