ToT – Sleep Deprived

That title is fairly self-explanatory. Monday my bacterial genetics prof asked how many of us were sleep deprived. I’m surprised there weren’t more hands raised. Without further adieu, here’s this weeks questions. (Click the link for more participants)

1. Growing up, what was one favorite item that you had to have with you at all times?
I don’t actually think there was anything in particular. I liked to have my mother with me at all times, but I wouldn’t consider her an item.
2. Being an adult, what is one favorite item that you have to have with you at all times, and what happens if you do not have it with you? Do you lose your sanity or just go back home to get it?
My cell phone. Or my Aggie Ring. It’s a pretty close tie. I would probably lose my sanity if I didn’t have my ring, but my phone I definitely would. I’d go back for my ring as long as I wasn’t on my way to a test.
3. Where is your favorite place to be to just hide away from everything and breathe for a moment?
My bathroom. I generally take a shower when I want to get away from something.
4. What is your favorite thing about your partner? (If you don’t have a partner, then someone who is very close and will always be in your life)
In my case “partner” = boyfriend. A lot of things. He’s funny and he’s considerate.
5. What is your favorite thing about your job? (If you don’t have a job, then what is your favorite thing that you do during your day?)
My favorite thing is that I get to be outside a lot when I want to be. I have plenty of time in between classes where I have to be outside.
6. What is your favorite lesson that your parents taught you growing up? Looking back, is it something that you want to use to teach your children when they reach that age?
It’s late and I can’t remember specific lessons. My parents taught me to listen to people and to treat them respectfully, even when I disagree. It’s definitely something I’d want my children to learn.
7. What is your favorite song, that will always bring a smile to your face and make you think of something happy?
I have way too many favorite songs! Right now “If It’s Love” by train makes me smile and jam out whenever I hear it.
8. What is your favorite things about being an American? (If you not American, what are you proud of in regards to your country)
Oh man… That I have choices? Idk. I’m trying not to get into politics since I already talk about religion. Most of my answers revolve around politics.
9. What is your favorite meal that reminds you of being a child?
Mac and Cheese! My mom always made me eat broccoli with it.
10. Name 3 things that other people would say are their favorite thing about you.
I’m fun.
I can make them laugh.
I fill awkward silences (but most of the time I make them more awkward).


One response to this post.

  1. I love your answers for number 10 🙂 I’m laughing at “but most of the time I make them more awkward”. I feel like that so many times!

    I hope you’re having a great Tuesday.


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