7 Quick Takes – Whoa

  1. Does it feel like it shouldn’t be Friday to anyone else? My days are really all screwed up since I went to Huntsville yesterday. All day it felt like Saturday, and it was only Thursday.
  2. My team is registered for IM volleyball, but I’m afraid people are going to be a little more flaky this year then they were last year. This worries me to no end, but what can I do?
  3. I have a two-hour meeting on Sunday (possibly longer) and I still don’t know if I’m going to actually get the job. Probably? Hopefully? At least I’m on payroll and I’ve already earned $15. Whoop.
  4. We have a football game on Thursday against OSU. They need to not play like they did against FIU. They need to play like they did in the last quarter, maybe. Only better. And less suckish. I’m not a 2%er but I’m also not delusional.
  5. I have a paper due on Monday and two tests on Friday, so you might not see me around these parts too much next week. Fair warning.
  6. I had mac and cheese for breakfast yesterday. I can’t decide if that’s an all-time low or an all-time high for me.
  7. Weekends rock. While I don’t think it can possibly be Friday already, I’m sure glad it is.

Happy Friday, everyone! Do something wonderful (and restful) this weekend!


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