ToT – On Time

I figured that since these were my questions, I guess I could at the very least answer them on the same day that everyone else does.

1. What’s the one thing you always do when you’re stressed?
Either running or eat some chocolate. It helps. So does getting things done.
2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?
I sent Rosey a birthday card with a rant in it. I’m trying to send everyone birthday cards this year, but it’s tricky because I’m going off of my memory instead of Facebook since not everyone has their birthday up there. That’s not weird enough? I offered to bake a pie if someone got a good grade in his math class. Maybe I’m not as weird as I thought.
3. What cleaning supply could you not live without?
The little scrub brush thingy we have in the kitchen. It cleans inside of cups.
4. How long do you plan on living where you currently reside?
Somewhere around 8 months. We’ll see what happens.

5. Do you usually vote straight party, a mixture, or not at all?

I’ve only voted once. I’m only 20, sheesh! It was a mixture because I definitely remember voting for a democrat at one point.
6. What’s something that you love to do, but seem to never make time for?
Sleep. I’ve been getting better about it this semester, though. It helps to have a boyfriend that tries to go to sleep early because then we don’t stay up late talking.

7. What’s your favorite store to buy things for other people?

Target! It’s full of a lot of goodies and the Woo and I have sort of this tradition of buying each other random stuff.
8. What’s the weather like around you today?
Sunny and yet dark. I think it’s probably going to rain.
9. What’s the worst book you’ve ever bought and read?
Does the Twilight series count? I usually don’t buy books unless I know I’m going to like it.
10. What’s the closest thing to you that is yellow?
There’s an Aflac “Life Guard” duck on my bed. It’s really soft and doesn’t take up much room. Oh, and it’s adorable.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, I remember the first time I got to vote. I was super excited. I still feel priviliged whenever there is an election .

    Eating chocolate helps when you’re stressed, that’s so true…

    Happy Tuesday!


  2. Mmm chocolate. Too true. Thanks for the questions this week – I really enjoyed answering them.


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