Oh Hey, Blogging World

No, I didn’t forget I had a blog. I just kind of forgot that no one else would be writing my blogs for me while I’ve been busy studying.

Monday I had my first Monday with 5 classes. This is a semi-normal thing, yet managed to only occur just now on the third week of the semester.

Right now I’m working on CPR. No, there’s no people with breathing issues in my room. CPR stands for Calibrated Peer Review. I’m working on it for my “Critical Writing in Biology” class. This is by far the most difficult 1 hour class that I’ve ever taken. It even trumps some of the 2 hour classes that I’ve taken.

Monday I had a test and a quiz. I already got my grade back for my test. It’s a good grade, but I’m still frustrated with it because I know that I could have gotten 4 more points if only I hadn’t changed my answers. I got to eat lunch with my boyfriend (of over two months now, awww) and I got free pizza before Bioethics started. All-in-all it was a pretty good day.

Tuesday was good despite the awful headache I had, my inability to run more than a few steps at a time, and getting bruises from learning how to underhand serve in my volleyball kinesiology class. I got to play volleyball at the Rec later, so that made up for the serve-recieve issues I was having in class.

Also, all day yesterday I was carrying around a plant press that is basically this ridiculously huge thing that I’m forced to carry around and get weird looks from. That’s right – the plant press was giving me weird looks. I mean I got weird looks from having it. A guy on the bus talked to me about it. He thought it was for an art project. I won’t start on how ridiculous of an idea that is. I am not artistic in the least. Well, maybe in the very least.

That brings us to today. Today I went to class and talked to people and ran. Oh yeah, and I’m working on that CPR I mentioned earlier. I should probably get back to that.

Happy Wednesday!


I kind of forgot yesterday was Tuesday, so I think I’ll do the ToT questions tomorrow. You can look forward to that. Or not.


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