7 Quick Takes – Friday Already?

1. Since I went to Houston yesterday and I have class today, it kind of feels like my weekend was crammed into yesterday and so then today must be Monday. Thank goodness it’s not.

2. I love only having four-day weeks this semester. I’m looking forward to possibly having a 4 day weekend in the spring.

3. I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but being an Aggie has made me into a Fightin’ Texas Aggie football fan. Whoop! And there’s a game tomorrow. And Midnight Yell tonight. Oh, how I love the fall.

4. For two days now I’ve woken up to the song “Turn on Your Radio” by Reba McIntire. That song is… slightly vengeful, but I’d definitely say it wasn’t her most vengeful.

5. I heard Miranda Lambert’s first song on the radio yesterday and I found out she’s going to be in Reed Arena (our basketball arena) on November 5th. I’m kind of looking into how possible that would be for me.

6. The people who work at the Read building are, at times, very difficult people.

7. I mentioned a double rainbow on one of my posts earlier this week. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was just too big! So I took a video instead. Please excuse my annoying voice.

Happy Friday!


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