Wednesday, on Tuesday

I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but yesterday it rained. And it’s going to rain again today. And perhaps all week.

Yesterday I was sitting in my Taxonomy of the Flowering Plant lab. This lab happens to be on the basement floor of a building right next to a street. And it has windows. So all of a sudden the sky turns pitch black and then begins to lighten to a shade of green that I’d never seen before. It was ominous. Next thing we hear is that there’s a tornado warning because there’s tornado activity moving towards campus. Yay. So there’s some people freaking out and there’s some people finishing the quiz and some people like me who were tired and couldn’t express any feelings that early.

We got out of lab early and then I thought it would be a smart idea to try to make it over to where I had my next class before it got any worse. The tornado warning had expired and I don’t generally mind walking through the rain unless I get wet. Well, I got wet. It was pouring. When I got into Rudder it was freezing. Then I had to go change into shorts because you can’t play volleyball in jeans so I was wet, freezing, and in shorts.

In volleyball we passed. Now, if you know me, you know that I am quite pale. Therefore when I pass a volleyball, you can see where the ball makes contact on my arm. For some reason you can still see it. I’m trying to figure out how I could have gone the past 11 years without realizing that I’m allergic to a volleyball. I’m thinking it was a particular volleyball, but I have no idea what I’m going to do if it’s all of them.

After volleyball I walked back through the rain, got hit with an umbrella 2 times, and got a seat on the bus instead of having to stand. I was happy. After my long-awaited lunch and some doing of the laundry and dishes I set out to go on a run. I only went about 2 miles total, but on a time crunch that’s pretty good.

My boyfriend then took me out for sushi – which was awesome! I found my new favorite roll, except it’s ridiculously hard to eat in one bite, much less with chop sticks. Then we shared some ice cream and watched Wallace and Gromit, which I’m now convinced is my new-old favorite show.

And today – today is RUF. Life is blissful.


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