So it’s Wednesday

I believe there’s a song called “Midnight Confessions”. So after that, I will post confessions just a little before midnight.

And I did a lot today. And I did it all before it turned Thursday.

RUF IS BACK! And there’s tons of fish. And I get to play volleyball tomorrow. And I invited random people.

And I don’t have class tomorrow. 🙂 And Stephanie told me she didn’t like me because of that.

I get to sleep in for the first time since summer school. Am I ecstatic? Basically.

I’m staying up till after midnight so that I can watch Big Brother.

I want to stay up late just so I can sleep in tomorrow.

I can now fit into clothes from high school.

I want a tattoo, but I’ll never get one.

I enjoy drumsticks (the icecream cone) better than almost any other dessert.

I don’t like peanuts. Except for sometimes.

I’m SUPA hungry.

Happy almost Thursday!


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