Ticket Pull

Today I pulled tickets (with Mariah and a freshman-turned-sophomore boy in RUF). We (Mariah and I) got there at 6:14 and were playing crazy 8s for points until 8 when the ticket pull was going to start.

This totally would have been awesome except for 3 occurrences.

Number 1

The freshmen in front of us weren’t paying attention and people that were in line for window 9 (we were at 8.) were pushing infront of them and the freshmen wouldn’t stop them.

Number 2

This girl (who I actually had words with) decided she was going to cut in front of us in line because she “only needed to pull one ticket”. I don’t care that she wanted to only pull one (she pulled two). I cared that she thought she deserved to cut in front of us in line.

Number 3

A&M thought it was a good idea to do ticket pull for ALL the road games at the SAME TIME. For the record, that was not a good idea. I hope they never do that again. It’s August 28th. The Texas game is the 25th and the Baylor game is the 13th of NOVEMBER.

But I have my tickets (and everyone else’s).


I’m never doing that again.


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