7 Quick Takes – Back to Normal… Almost

Hey everyone! or I suppose I should really say “Howdy!” but sometimes I fail at being an Aggie. My ring is across the room so it’s okay.

  1. Yesterday I went to Blue Baker (my favorite place to get a sandwich) and I had a conversation with the girl at the cash register. We talked about the shirt I was wearing and how her FAST group had designed it so she got excited when she saw I was wearing it. I get the same way with the Bioethics shirt I designed. I thought I got my shirt sophomore year of college, but alas, the back of the shirt has the date on it and it says 07 so CLEARLY I was mistaken. My bad. I don’t actually read the shirts I wear. If they’re maroon I assume it’s just an A&M shirt that’s safe to wear in public.
  2. That ^ has caused me some embarrassment. See, freshman year the Woo and I went apartment hunting and so of course we went to the housing fair that A&M has/used to have? every year. And guess what? They give out free shirts! This one particular shirt is maroon and says “Get a Room”. Funny, right? Well, also awkward. I got a look from a grandpa at DQ and then I realized that I’d actually left the house in that shirt.
  3. Tomorrow I am pulling tickets for the away games. That’s pretty exciting because I only ever pulled tickets freshman year. Now I’m a SENIOR. That’s just ridiculous. I’m super super super excited about Aggie football. Super excited.
  4. Last night I watched the Colts get their rears handed to them by the Packers. I was raised to dislike the Packers, so I wasn’t thrilled. I’ll say one more thing about that game: that would not happen if it wasn’t preseason. Peyton Manning is amazing. And I don’t even like the Colts. Or think he’s attractive. So clearly that’s an unbiased opinion.
  5. I love football.
  6. I’m having sweet tea for lunch! Well, I’m having McA’s but really, this is for the sweet tea. And Mariah’s free cookie which I’m not asking her to share.
  7. It’s stinkin’ hot outside.

Thanks and Gig ’em! And Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


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