I Won’t Even Pretend to be Creative this Late at Night

This post may or may not be depressing and or totally coherent. I’m writing this at 2 am, and no, I haven’t had anything to drink besides a glass of sweet tea.

On August 30th I start my senior year of college. I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing this about high school. Me and my dad sort of have this thing now, where when I walk across the stage and recieve my diploma, I snap my fingers. If you saw that in high school, that was what that was all about. It basically meant time flew by – just like my daddy said it would.

I plan on doing that same gesture in about 9 months.

It’s funny – I know a lot of pregnant people. And when I say a lot, it really only means 2. But you see, that’s a lot more than I’ve ever known in any time I can remember. And while they’re waiting/have waited 9 months for a baby to come along and shake up their lives, I’m waiting to graduate. That analogy only makes sense when you consider than neither of us are actually just waiting for those particular events, but working hard and planning and preparing for this new change.


While I can’t wait to finally have that degree, I can’t exactly say I can’t wait to graduate. I love A&M and I love College Station. It’s home to me now. Even if it does come with a ridiculous course load.


One response to this post.

  1. As one of those 2 pregnant people, let me just tell you…. months FLIES BY. Enjoy the end!


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