What the Radio Said

The Radio is always right, right? And if they say Nelly lost his “street cred” (I’m sorry, I can’t actually say that without the quotation marks) when he did that song with Tim McGraw, then Nelly really did lose his “street cred”.

You know the song, right? If not here it is:

I happened to like that song the first 50 times I heard it. Then it was stuck in my head over and over again.

And then what happened to Nelly? I’m not really a Nelly afficianado, but that song he had back when I was in the 8th grade was pretty popular. Something about the Texas summer?

Then there was that song about a smile. I’m pretty sure a certain friend of mine and I were jamming to that song up until… now. And yes I am hanging my head in shame.

And then Nelly came out with this:

And everyone rejoyced. Or at least I did.

Happy Thursday!


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