I’m not OCD. My mother has taken psychology classes and decided that I must have obsessive compulsive tendencies though. It’s true, but so does everyone. Think about it. It’s true. That place you always sit in class or church, where you always put your shoes, which side of the bed you sleep on every night. Now if that was the only things I did, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Every day I go to class. Every. Day. I can’t wait until I’m in fall semester and have Thursdays off. It will be my “me” day. I’m sure it will quickly turn into my “study” day. “Study more” day, “Go pick up groceries” day, “PLEASE DO LAUNDRY AND THE DISHES” day. You get the idea. My plans don’t always work out. I could have every intention of doing something and end up doing something entirely different.

I like routines. I’ve been told I’m not the only one, but there are some people out there that hate them. They hate to plan and they hate having to follow plans. While I hate making plans (because it involved decision-making), I love to follow them when at all possible. This is seriously driving me crazy. Especially right now, because I’m trying to construct thoughts from this morning to finish this post but I can’t.

All this to say: My plans work out so much better when they’re reasonable and in writing. Somehow Red ink is so much more intimidating than my conscience.


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