Summer Classes Take 2

I know it’s kind of late to still consider this Monday, but hey, I’ve had a busy weekend. I thought it was Sunday all day.

So I’ve finished Biology 213 and I’m heading into my second class of the summer tomorrow. Creatively named Biology 214, although it has nothing to do with 213. Cell biology vs. Genes, Ecology, and Evolution. Okay, I guess you couldn’t say nothing to do with 213, but they’re pretty different. I have no idea what I’m actually going to learn in this class. Hopefully it’s just review like the last one.

For those of you (if there aren’t any) that are entering college in the future, make sure you take your 2s before your 4s. If you’ve taken more than four 400 level classes, 200 level classes will bore you to tears (at least mostly).

I could launch into a post about my ridiculously packed weekend that includes pictures (I only took about 40) and brilliant insight on the people who are my family (the last parenthesis was a joke), but I really have zero energy.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! Tomorrow the real world starts again.


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