The Puzzle is Still on My Floor

Friday after my test I went to Chipotle with Scott. After that we went to Walmart where I bought toilet paper and Glee (The Journey to Regionals) and then to Hastings where I bought a Reckless Kelly cd. On the way home I discovered some… news – which lead to Scott hanging out at my apartment and watching Shutter Island.

I shot Mariah a text asking her about the plans for that night and she told me she was on her way home and that some people would be coming over. I was like “some people… ok”. Mariah and Monet showed up a few minutes later. Mariah got a phone call a few minutes after that. It was Michael (an ex boyfriend who I hadn’t seen since January). He was lost and trying to find our apartment. He finally made it here and continued to watch Shutter Island with what was quickly turning into a large group of people.

Then a few moments later I got a call from Ryan. He was on his way over and wanted to make sure he had the right apartment number since it had been awhile. I answered the door when he got here and noticed that he had brought his girlfriend along with him. No big deal, but our living room was starting to feel small. We (Mariah, Monet, Michael, Ryan, Sarah, Scott, and I) ended up hanging out and playing Apples to Apples until we all had to leave. It was actually more fun than it was awkward. Go figure.

About the time Michael was leaving, Nigel got here. Nigel and I were on our way to dinner with Mike, but Mike had warned us that he was running late. No big deal, we didn’t mind waiting.

I will now take the time to tell you that Nigel’s gas gauge isn’t exactly in a functioning condition. So guess what happened. We ran out of gas. We coasted off of 6 and off of the feeder into the Target etc. shopping center that was just one exit south of where we were heading. It was really no big deal seeing as how there was a gas station a little further down the road. I got out and helped push. It was a new experience for me and it actually wasn’t that bad. I mean, come on, it could have been A LOT worse. He had hoped that Pete had put his gas can back in his truck but no. Pete had not. Fortunately the gas station has a gas can and everything ended up working out. We even got to Cotton Patch about the same time as Mike did. Amazing.

Then of course, after dinner we went to the Hall to see Reckless Kelly, aka the band I would marry if such things were allowed.

And that, my friends/readers, was my Friday. tgio. And that’s not a typo.


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  1. ash – sounds like a fun weekend!


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