Eternal Sunshine of a Jessica’s Mind

I’ve actually never seen Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, but I don’t really want to either. So here’s to Saturday posts and posting extremely late at night.

I went to Houston this week to pick up something from my parents and have dinner with Mylene (my friend from France who went to South my senior year) which turned in to dinner with Mylene, Sara, Alfredo, Alex, Tim, and some guy I do not know but goes to a&m so he’s okay with me. It was… fun? Awkward? But I got to catch up with Mylene so all is good in the world. We talked about college, boys, life, soccer, the Big 12, summer school, and what the heck all these guys were doing. Overall a good time. We had Chipotle – what’s up with all my friends craving eateries that I’ve eaten at the previous day? – and I had my first burrito bowl. It was tasty. Not surprisingly , because it was my normal burrito ingredients minus the tortilla.

On the ride home I hate about 2 hours to think about whatever felt like popping into my head. Do thoughts have feelings? Am I losing my mind? (Yes… probably) I reached one conclusion: I despise driving at night. If you know me, you know that I hate driving period, but I REALLY hate driving at night.

The things I thought about:

I really miss being in musicals. While I don’t regret not being in the musical my senior year – because let’s face it, who wants to go from being a main character freshman year to barely being on stage? – I do miss the fun I had at practice and the singing.

Furthermore, I miss choir. I miss having a voice teacher and someone to instruct me in my singing. The only singing I do now is when I’m listening to the radio, at the hall, or my mother makes me sing when I’m playing the guitar.

I’m almost out of gas, which is a long story why that amuses me, but I’ll blog about it on Monday.

Reckless Kelly is awesome. I think I’m in love with them now, and I was really wishing that I had brought my cd home with me to listen to in the car. Even I get tired of Glee sometimes.

I think I could be called a Gleek and be okay with that.

I want sushi.

I’m sooooo tired.

Texas Country is way better than other Country music and thus College Station channels are better than Houston ones.

Dierks Bentley gives ridiculously long answers to simple questions. Does that mean he’s a good or bad interviewee?

I hate being alone when I’m driving. People are crazy and I’d like to talk about it.


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