7 Quick Takes

Howdy! It’s Friday! That automatically means that I’m happy/in a good mood, but here’s 7 more reasons why I’m happy/in a good mood.

  1. I’ve noticed that more people are calling me “Jess” rather than “Jessica”. This makes life simpler when I go home and no longer have to respond to my full name because “Jessica” = girl at church. Even this guy that I met at P.O.E.T.S. started calling me “Jess” within minutes of hearing someone else doing it.
  2. RECKLESS KELLY IS TONIGHT!!!!! I’ve only been telling you this for a couple of blog posts now, but it’s TONIGHT. And I’m going. And I love them. And yay. I might just squeal like a high school girl. Give me a break, I’m excited.
  3. It’s summer, so there’s a 67% chance that even though Reckless Kelly is awesome, there won’t be that many people there and we’ll still get to dance.
  4. I’m losing weight.
  5. I found out that I like Spoons better than Red Mango. I feel like a health-traitor, but I have to remind myself that Spoons is non-fat too and it’s run by Aggies.
  6. I had a fry from Layne’s on Tuesday. I still feel guilty about it. One stinking fry. Sheesh.
  7. I have Nobody’s Girl stuck in my head. So here:

2 responses to this post.

  1. ash – i have no idea what spoons or red mango are. but i do know what layne’s is. yum!


  2. Matt-

    There is so much aggy in that one post. Brain overloaaaaaaad.


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