So Guess What

Tomorrow… and in exactly 21 minutes and 36 hours, I will be at the Hall waiting for Reckless Kelly. I will basically just be sitting there saying “I want Reckless Kelly”, while whoever is opening for them is still on stage. Not that I don’t enjoy opening acts, they’re just not Robert or Charlie or Reckless Kelly. Even though Bruce, who opened for Robert, is Charlie’s brother (and yes I’m on a first-name basis with these people).

Speaking of brothers, Mariah’s little bro is at NSC today and tomorrow. That makes me feel old. No really. I feel ancient now. He’s really only two years younger than me, but he’s a BABY. And he’s going to be in college this year. I’m just happy he picked the best university ever and not that whacky crazy place a little further down 6. I kid. Kinda.

Yesterday’s class lecture was given by my t.a. I think I would have understood it better if she was speaking Spanish. Seriously.

Right now there’s a puzzle on my floor. Scott and Mariah started it yesterday. I have a feeling it won’t stay there, but who knows. Puzzles can be tricky like that.

As for me, I have nothing else to say and a whole lot of getting ready to do for class today. So I’ll leave you with this awesome song by Reckless Kelly.

Okay, and one more since you enjoyed that one so much.

This one would be my favorite if the other one didn’t exist.

¡Jueves feliz!


Someone searching “px90 jillian micjaels” was brought to my blog. This is hilarious. I get a lot of people looking for p90x and jillian michaels. All off of one post too. Poor person. I hope they’re at least getting to know that p90x is way better than jillian. I can just see the hits I’m going to get off of this post too. I hope they enjoy Reckless Kelly.


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  1. Lol. Gotta love Big 12-2 rivalry. Also, Mariah doesn’t have a little brother. You are mistaken.


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