We Don’t Mess Around

I don’t really have much planned in the way of a post today. That basically means it’s going to be more random than it normally is. There’s a picture at the end though, so bear with me.

I had a dream I got a tattoo of a sea turtle. And that it moved.

I also dreamed I got a tattoo of a cat. Weird because I don’t especially like cats (with the exception of Double, Sassy, Sammy, and Sam, and any other cat that thinks it’s a dog).

When I was 15 Sammy got eaten buy a really big dog. It was sad.

We just found out Sassy has pancreatitis and jaundice. She’s my friend Alexa’s cat. She used to have a cat name Jessica, but I don’t know what happened to it. It used to be really “flirty” with the boy cats. I don’t know how I remember this; I think I was in the third grade at the time.

Charlie Robison was awesome. I had a lot of fun at the concert, and I got to see Jared.

^That was his encore song. It’s my favorite, I think. But I also like Down Again, Good Times, and Barlight.

I saw Toy Story 3 last night. It was definitely worth the 11 year wait. Scott thinks his brain turned to mush from the stuff they showed before the previews. His fault.

At RUF Summer Conference there was a basketball tournament. Our guys came in second. They lost to SMU in the finals. I got to catch their last two games and let me tell you, they are intense.

The guys in blue shorts are two of our guys. The guy in red was the SMU Campus Minister. Gotta love it. The guy looks like he’s about 20, but I think they said he was 30something. Right. Anyways, I guess Ryan and Grant decided they wanted to sit on him. Needless to say, that was a foul. (Austin’s picture)

and there’s Dan sitting on him. I guess he wanted to join in. But this wasn’t a foul. This is the proper way to sit on someone during a basketball game. (Steph’s picture)

Well that was longer than intended. Happy Monday!


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