Kitchen Adventures

Last Friday I decided that I’d try my hand at one of Pioneer Woman’s recipes. Mushroom and Artichoke Chicken (& Pasta). I did my best to follow the recipe EXACTLY, but you should know something about me: I like to delete words from sentences. I started doing this at a young age, and I don’t know why. It really sucks when it comes to tests.

I started out frying (browning the chicken thighs). The recipe called for 8 and I used… 8.

While I was letting the chicken brown, I decided it would be a good time to mince the garlic. The five cloves of garlic. The five clothes of sticky, hard garlic. Garlic is nasty feeling. But it tastes so, so good.

Then I removed the chicken from the pan and added the slice white mushrooms and nasty, sticky garlic to the pan.

This was when I was starting to smell the garlic. Not while I was mincing 5 cloves of it. Now. Then. Whatever. Then… I added the whine. Pinot Grigio to be exact. Did I do a taste-testing? No. Sad day. But I try not to break any laws when I’m cooking. Just in case I start a fire on the burner and have to run outside. You know.

Then came the chicken broth and the chicken went back into the pan.

Then Pioneer Woman told me I had to cover it with the lid for 30 minutes. Well, PW, I don’t have a lid. So I did what any worldly kitchen-woman would do.

I used a perfectly-sized plate to cover it. Heck yeah, it fit. This WAS when I was supposed to add the artichokes.

You mean those things? The things that have been sitting there for about 30 minutes now? Yes. Those things. Maybe I’ll just make the picture smaller and you won’t notice they’re not there.

But at this point I was still unaware that I should have added them. Then PW told me to add the chives. Wait… shouldn’t that be near the end? You are near the end. Oh. Oops.

So I added the chives and was told to cover it again and let the sauce thicken. Ok… so… how about I add those artichokes now?

Ah, perfection. All the required ingredients are now in the pan. What about the pasta? Well, it was cooking while that yummy stuff up there was simmering.

See? I can handle pasta.

Oh, and how did it taste? Pretty much amazing. And as for the 8 servings? Well, try more like 16. Yeah.

Happy Wednesday!


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