Monday, HereWeGo!4

If you’ve ever taken an English class in Blocker at Texas A&M then you’ll understand the title of this blog. If not though, I’ll fill you in. HereWeGo!4 is the password to get on to the computers in the English Labs. I hope I’m not violating any specific rules by telling you this.

Anyways, today has been pretty fun. I woke up around the same time as usual, but some how managed to miss the bus so I had to drive myself and park in lot 30. That’s about a 10 minute walk from BSBE, which isn’t bad, but it’s not perfect either.

Today I planned to share my cooking adventures from Friday, but I’d rather just write about my day. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve kind of dropped all the dream stuff until something a little more interesting happens. Or at least something a little more blog-worthy.

Class was pretty short today because we only went over the past two exams. I got out around 10:30 and called Scott so that we could go have lunch. I decided on Blue Baker, which of course meant that Scott had to take forever figuring out what he wanted to eat. I ended up getting the same thing I always do, which I was perfectly satisfied with, and waiting a few minutes for Scott to make up his mind, order, pay, and sit down to eat with me.

After lunch we went to Hastings so he could look for a book and I could peruse the movies. I ended up buying 3 movies and a book for a little over $33. It really wasn’t so bad. I got the Time Traveler’s Wife, Post Grad, and Leap Year, and also bought the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Yes, I caved and bought the hardback instead of waiting. It’s pretty good so far. You know, for a Twilight book. I’m also in the middle of the Time Traveler’s Wife again. I don’t know why I keep gravatating towards books I’ve already read.

After Hastings, we went to Barnes and Noble so Scott could try to find a better copy of the book he was looking for. He wasn’t completely satisfied with it, but he bought it anyways. He didn’t let me spend too much time there, so we got back in the car and headed to Jamba Juice.

At Jamba Juice I got my usual – Strawberry Surf Rider, and was instantly more awake, thank goodness. I hope the rest of today goes as planned. I see some movie watching in my future.



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