The Flood

Alright, so today it seems like the sky has decided to release it’s wrath/water onto College Station. While this is awesome for sleepy time, it’s not that great for walking to class time. As my roommate Mariah will tell you, it’s wet here. Very very wet. And it’s hard not to get soaked while walking to class. It’s also hard to keep your shoes on your feet. Darn suction.

In case you didn’t know, College Station floods. Pretty easily too. And while I meant my Facebook status the other day, I don’t think I mean it now. In case you didn’t catch it, it was doesn’t mind swimming to class as long as it’s not in a pool of my own sweat. Bring on the rain. Today I’m rethinking that. Because I, like most cats, don’t like being wet.

So today I got a call at 8:10 this morning. I was still sleeping, so I must have sounded pretty tired when I answered the phone. The following conversation occurred:

Me: Hello?
Mariah: are you sleeping?
Me: Yes.
Mariah: I thought you woke up at 8:30
Me: I do.
Mariah: Oh, it’s not 8:30 yet. Will you bring me some pants? They’re under my sink. And maybe a shirt?
Me: Your sink?
Mariah: Yes, my sink.
Me: I’m going to be late to class.
Mariah: well don’t be late to class
Me: okay, bye
Mariah: bye

This should have alerted me to the fact that it was extremely wet outside and that perhaps I should bring an extra pair of clothes for myself. I didn’t. Because it didn’t. But fortunately I had a towel in my car that I carried with me. I find that if I hike my backpack way up on my back that it doesn’t get as wet. But it’s extremely hard to get in and out of. Oh well.

Walking over to biobio I almost fell once. Then I went to the KunkeLab to give Mariah her clothes. I headed back out into the nasty rain and made my way over to BSBE. Once inside BSBE I almost ate my stuff twice, but I got all dried off and actually managed to stay on my feet.

After class I walked back over to WCG and I almost ate it twice again. Fortunately I stayed on my feet and I got safely to my car. I decided to not press my luck and drive slowly and carefully home instead of asking anyone if they wanted to go get lunch. I figured I’d had enough good luck staying vertical today. Things were bound to catch up with me. Let’s just hope it isn’t going to be public.

Happy Rain Day!


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