Not What You Were Expecting

Okay, so This isn’t my normal “My Dreams are Crazy” Monday. I had a dream and I could even talk about it, but what happened on Sunday is worth reporting. I decided it couldn’t wait until Wednesday.

It started out like every normal Sunday. I woke up, showered, Mariah was running late, and we went to church. No, there wasn’t another pamphlet on our window. I left the church parking lot and headed towards 6. Something felt… funny. The ride was kinda bumpy. It felt to me like I had a flat tire. I pulled into the Walmart and sure enough, my tire was flat. It wasn’t just flat though, it was concave. There was a huge nail and piece of metal stuck into my tire. I blame it on the fact that they’re fixing the roofs around here.

I did what every girl in a dress would do. I called Nigel. He came back and changed the flat to the donut and left. I took my car over to the tire and lube place so conveniently located on the other side of Walmart. I asked the lady who I needed to talk to about the flat tire and she sent me back to the guys outside. He told me to pull up to the second spot and someone would help me out.

So, I did what they said. I talked to the guy who proceeded to tell me that there was no record of my car having a tire fixed there (It was about two months ago).  I showed him the receipt that showed, clearly, the address and the fact that yes, I did have my tire fixed there. He went away for a little while and came back. He told me that they didn’t carry the kind of tires I have on my car so he would need to give me one comparable to it.

My thought on this: Um… ok. What do I know about cars? The cheapest tire they had was $80. I was expecting to get a tire for free since it was still under warranty. So I did what any girl would do and called my daddy. He asked to speak with the guy who told me that they didn’t carry that tire (apparently, it’s a very common tire). He then asked to speak to a manager. This guy was walking all over the place with my phone and it was driving me crazy. I waited patiently for him to give me my phone back while he went to find the manager.

When I finally got my phone back, my dad just told me to get the comparable tire and I would get 3 new ones to match when I got back to Houston. I went to tell the manager this and he told me that I would be getting my tire for free. Okay, awesome, right? Well all this time I was waiting I decided to wander around the store. You know what I saw? The same kind of tires that my car has. Yes, the same ones that they “don’t carry”.

Isn’t Walmart wonderful?


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