Why Not Blog on the Weekend?

I figured since I was such a punk last week – barely any posts – that I would blog today.

Thursday night we went to the Hall. It was my first time going dancing in College Station (or really, ever) and I was pretty excited about it. Lucy picked me up and we went to meet Nigel, Brad, Scott, Steph, Callie, Haley, Cecil, Grant, and another one of his friends. It was fun. I danced a lot (and helped Brad dance), and got to listen to some good country music. I saw that Roger Earl Keen Jr. was going to be playing at the Hall next Friday (the 11th) and I immediately got people to agree to go with me. I’m excited.

The next song came on, and what was it? Cheap Bourbon Whiskey and Pearl Snap Shirts. A GREAT SONG! When I think of country, I think of this song. I also think of Michael Martin. Most of you know who that is, but if you don’t, that’s ok. I decided I’d shoot him a text to let him know the song was playing. Now I’ll fill you in on why this is such breaking news. He’s an ex. Not an ex that I really talk to, but one who I think doesn’t hate me. Good, right? Well anyways, the text was EXTREMELY random.

Before long they were playing Robert Earl Keen Jr. and I continued to have a good time. The only down side to the night? I’m only 20. Stupid X’s marking my hands. I didn’t even want to drink, it was just the principle of the thing. At least it wasn’t the black sharpie X’s where you get to do the walk of shame in church. I’ll just be grateful for that.

Best song ever, obviously.

Friday I went with Scott, Chris, and Nigel to Bryan Outreach to play with some kids. It was pretty fun. We played kickball and the cutest girl ever brought us ice pops. They had their “Jesus Lesson” and snacks and we left. It was ridiculously hot, but those kids are cute. Hopefully I’ll go again.

After that we were supposed to do p90x yoga, but it bored me so I took a nap. I woke up, took a shower and we headed to Friday’s for dinner. Nigel got a phone call a little before our food got there and he went outside to take it. I was so hungry that I had finished my meal by the time he got back. Granted, it wasn’t a large meal, but still.

Next we went to Scott’s house to watch the Sandlot with everyone. Great movie. Then I came home and crashed.

Happy Saturday!


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