Miranda Lambert Depresses Me

I distinctly remember sitting in the car when I was younger. My dad and uncle had just picked me up from summer camp and for some reason I didn’t have control over the radio. I really wanted to listen to my then-favorite country music station, 93Q. It was then that I learned my uncle hated country music. My dad isn’t very fond of it either.

Whaaaat? Two boys born and raised in smalltown Texas DON’T like country music. They must be crazy. My dad finds it depressing. He’d rather stick with his Beatles, Hall & Oats, and ELO. While I’m with him in the rock department, I’ve always loved country music.

Why? Because each song tells a story.

Last night I was on video chat with someone but I was craving a country song. This particular person doesn’t really like country, so I waited. I decided that I’d listen to Miranda Lambert’s White Houses. It’s a really good song. But It’s kind of slow. And sad. Which led me to listen to Dead Flowers. And then Bring Me Down.

Why, oh why, can’t you be more like Kellie Pickler? Granted you do have your White Liar and your Kerosene and your Crazy Ex Girlfriend. But they’re nothing compared to Kellie’s Red High Heels and Best Days of Your Life.

I think they switched places when Kellie decided to go the route of Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You? That is one seriously depressing song. Come on.

So last night I went to bed with a depressing song stuck in my head. I had been reading Breaking Dawn, unbeknownst by the person I was videochatting with, and he decided it would be a good idea to use the “wolf” (I still think it’s a werewolf) application to his face. Creepy. And there was a thunderstorm. I went to bed depressed, creeped out, and scared. Who had nightmares?

That’s right.


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