RUF Summer Conference 2010

RUF Summer Conference is the most amazing week I’ve ever had in Florida, and possibly that I’ve ever had. Laguna Beach Christian Resort is located on the BEAUTIFUL Panama City Beach in Florida. White sand, blue waves, and only 10 minutes of rain one night we were there. It was GORGEOUS. I want to go back. Right now. But I guess I’ll have to settle for this year.

We left Mariah’s house at around 7:30 and headed to a Whataburger before meeting the 3 other cars on the north side of Houston. We started heading east on I10 at around 9. (I’m talking morning here, folks) We drove all through the night, with 3 stops for coffee/potty breaks, and made it to Florida around 8:10. It was about an 11 hour drive and Mariah, Scott, and I split up the time at the wheel. Mariah and Scott drove the most. Mariah drove all the way to Mississippi! (I think) I drove for about two hours somewhere in there.

When we reached our destination we headed over to the beach PRONTO. It was absolutely lovely, but I was tired. As soon as I could, I unpacked all my belongings and fell asleep for about 4 hours. I woke up a little after 12 and headed back to the beach to get some sun. We played volleyball and layed out (and swallowed about a gallon of salt water, gross).

The rest of the week was filled with more of the same. Swimming, dancing, volleyball, tug of war, laying out, kayaking, taking naps, and of course seminars. I went to two really awesome seminars and one that was pretty good. My favorites were “Rest in a Restless World” and “Beautiful Freedom: The Gospel Lived in a Female Body”. I missed the last day of both of those, very sadly, as we made our way back to Houston a day early for Mariah’s little brother’s graduation. I found out that my running buddy, Eric, was valedictorian! How cool!

I would really like to share with you how awesome the RUF guys are but my phone seems to not want to. Oh well. Happy Wednesday!


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