My Dreams are Crazy (4)

I had a serious deficit of dreams in Florida despite the fact that I slept every night and took a nap almost every day. Ironically, the only day I didn’t take a nap in Florida was after the Rest in a Restless World Seminar. Florida was awesome, though! I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Wednesday. Also, in case you missed the news, I turned 20 on Saturday. I’m officially not a teenager anymore. Yay! However, some (most) of my friends will argue that I’m still 12. That’s something I’ll probably have to get into at a later date. On to the dreams!

Senior Pranks
Now, my class didn’t do a senior prank, and neither did this one. However, in my dream, they most certainly did. I got a call from someone telling me something that made me leave my house in a hurried panic. For some reason, seeing Jessica Bibb driving down the street in a black pick up truck made me realize something was amiss. I picked up some grits (where did they even come from??) and started throwing them at people. I got so upset that I had been lied that that I started crying. I still have no idea why this bothered me so much.

Christ in You
I think this dream was because of a present that Katie recieved from Mr. Baacke that was the tupperware gospel. I’m really curious about this. Anyways, I had a dream that I was actually inside of the box named “You”. And then there’s another box that says Christ on either side of the “you” box. Well I was having a conversation and I’m not certain what happened after that. But it was weird.

Backstreet Boys
Ok, so this dream I was talking to Peter when the song “tearin up my heart” came on the radio and I started singing it. Now I know that song is sung by *NSYNC, but in my dream, it was totally the backstreet boys. Then I was sitting on a couch and there was a giant stack of self-help books on breakups. Number one, I’m totally fine so I don’t know why I’m dreaming about this now and two, I never read self-help books. However, I do think that song is awesome.

I hope you enjoy that. Maybe even dance a little bit. It might help the fact that it’s Monday. Or maybe it’ll make it worse.


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