ToT – Not Live from Florida!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Since I can’t really participate in Chelsea’s 10 on Tuesday, I’m going to do one of my own. I hope you don’t mind. Also, I kind of hope you have the same since of humor as me.

1.) Jessica, what is your sign?
Well, if we’re talking about the Rh factor, I’m negative. But I’d like to think that I’m a positive person despite my blood type. I’m a gemini though. And there’s a special reason I want you to know that. (P.S. I am totally NOT into astrology so that’s not why)

2.) Jessica, what are you doing right now?
Right now I’m probably either out on the beach in Florida or doing something RUF-related. I’m quite possibly eating depending on when you’re reading this.

3.) I have a refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser. It’s smelling like garlic. Solutions?
I would say you should probably stop storing your garlic in the water and ice dispenser. Either that or clean the whole thing out and start storing baking soda near their. It should help.

4.) What is a charge for protons?
Protons are usually positive, unlike my Rh factor.

5.) So, heres the thing. My current boyfriend says he in love me, we’ve been dating for a year today and he spoils me rotton&promises we’ll get married and live happy. My ex, tells me everyday that he misses me and wants me back. The reason me and him broke up is because he says we ‘grew apart’. My friend, well .. hes tall, smart, caring, loving, understanding,plays hockey, and hes perfect, liked him and thought about him since well …1 month ago. My BEstfriend moved away to edmonton, we met in summma 07 but fell in love with eachother since the first second we met and everyday since we met he tells me ‘forever and ever. together someday, then its us against the world’ we dated for a short time but since he moved away it ended. Both of us didnt want it too end but it did. I love my boyfriend til death; IN LOVE with my bestfriend, wont be able to live without him in my life; miss my ex like crazy; and cant stop thinking about my friend… i AINT NO HOE btw. These are the only guys ive loved,fell in love,and crushed on in my life. I GOT GUY PROBLEMS … I cant be the only one out htere with this type of thing………… HELP?! :O
I think you should stop dating any of them altogether until you figure out who you want. I don’t think you should be with your ex, considering that y’all broke up, and it sounds like there was a reason. You shouldn’t be with your boyfriend if you’re thinking about two other guys, that’s just not fair to him. Also, I wouldn’t suggest dating your best friend because well, that just gets messy.

6.) My friends I sit with now are always mean to me at lunch. And the people I want to with want me to sit with them. I want to sit with them too. But if I switch tables away from my friends, they’ll hate me forever. What should I do?
If your friends are always mean to you, they’re probably not your friends. You should switch tables. Lunch should always be the most enjoyable part of your day. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you about the fun we always had at lunch.

7.) Is it bad for a 13 year old to be taking dieting pills?
It’s bad for ANYONE to be taking dieting pills. So yes. Yes it is.

8.) Are you saved?
Yup. 🙂

9.) When sneeze, people will say God bless you. What one should reply?
One should reply “thank you”.

10.) What is your favorite Ke$ha song?
Well, probably Your Love is My Drug. It’s catchy.

These questions were found from Go figure.


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  1. you missed a good batch of questions at chelsea’s! lol. i (ashley) wrote them


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