My Dreams are Crazy (3)

Sorry about skipping out on y’all last week, but nothing really interesting came to my subconcious. Nigel and I were talking the other day about how pop psychology says that your dreams are your subconscious working out things it will never do. Or things you would never do. That’s what we learned in Psych d107 anyways. Here are my dreams:

It’s Bleeding in Here
Okay, so terrible title. Some of you might not even read this. I was in my room and I felt a terrible pain down below. Like it felt I was broken in half. I look down and there is blood gushing everywhere. It was terrible. It was like a waterfall of blood. And it wasn’t stopping.

Real Life 101
I had this conversation with Nigel about the current situation I’m in. He gave me some advice, and he told me that he was going to sound like Ben when he did it. Mind you, he didn’t have a Mississippi accent like Cody did the other night. His advice was truly something I could picture Ben saying, so in my dream that is exactly what happened. Sorry about being so non-specific about that one, it’s just that someone who reads this blog is kind of involved.

Weddings, Weddings, Everywhere!
So as some of you may know, I have two ex boyfriends that have fairly recently become engaged. One of them is getting married this summer (I think) and one of them is getting married next summer. So I dreamed that I asked Peter to come to these weddings with me. Why? I have no idea. Possibly because I’d never do it.

Last Night, Tonight
I went to Scott’s party on Wednesday night and I was just that awesome that I had to dream about it again last night. It was exactly the same except there were clowns there. I think that might have gotten mixed in with this Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode that I was watching.

Florida and Tequila
As you should all know by now, I’m in Florida. And last night (Thursday night) I dreamed that I went grocery shopping and bought Tequila. It was a pretty weird dream seeing as how I’m not old enough to buy Tequila. Also, Nathan was there talking about how last year at the BBQ they were handing out cups of Tequila. First of all, Nathan’s a freshman and he wasn’t there last year. Second of all, CUPS?! of Tequila? Why do I keep capitalizing tequila?

So anyways, that’s all folks. I’m enjoying a hopefully sunny beach while you’re reading this. Tomorrow ToT isn’t going to happen unless I ask myself 10 random questions which I may very well do. Let’s try it. It’s going to be weird.


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