Today is Different

Because I only remember 2 dreams from this week, neither of which were interesting, I’m going to do a plog and tell you about my fabulous weekend. (Plog = picture blog. I copyrighted that.)

This weekend Mariah and I went to an Astros game.

The game was really boring. We drank cokes and ate hot dogs and shared a bag of pink cotton candy. It was delish.

We lost the game 7-0.

But then something really exciting happened. George and Barbara Bush were there. When they left, they got a standing ovation.

(Bush’s head is right under the u in his name. He was a very evassive man. Barbara was much more photographically friendly. Thanks Barb. Is that disrespectful? Thank you very much, ma’am.)

Then Mariah and I went home.

Then I woke up and went here:

With these people:

And my parents.

Then I went to church. It was very church-like. Then I went to Beaumont. And saw this:

Oh Robert Downey Jr., you are a beautiful man. Then I drove home. I got to see this:

After that, I slept. Till about 2pm. It had been a very long day, because I was up for a little over 24 hours.

Then I went shopping at Kohls. I tried on defective sunglasses.

And bought Jared this shirt for his birthday.

After that, we got Red Mango and played pool. I sadly, don’t have any pictures to document those occurances.

Then today I went and took a physics final. They wouldn’t be happy if I’d taken a picture of that. After that I got Chipotle and hung out with Nigel. Then we went to Sonic for drinks and then Sweets to study for a bit.

Then I got bored and started writing on Nigel’s ethics notes.

It’s true. Even if it’s a kindergarten insult.

And that, my friends, was my weekend and Monday update. ToT tomorrow! I promise life will be slightly more normal.


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