Today I’m Going to Talk about Boys

Only not really. Or at least not in the way that you might think.

Today marks the 99th post for me which means tomorrow is the big 100! It’s pretty exciting for me considering that I’ve never had a blog for this long. Also, Tuesday and Friday used to be my big spikes in readers. Now, they’re my dips. Go figure. Does that mean I’m not random enough for you guys or that my answers to the questions just suck? I guess I’ll have to work on that.

Onto the “topic” of discussion. Yesterday while playing Bang* at our Cinco de Mayo party, Rachel sees that I’m texting Peter and asks me “How is Peter doing?” in that syrup-y I-just-asked-you-about-your-boyfriend-so-you-can-gush-over-him way. I responded with a “He’s good. But we’re not dating anymore”. Of course she had to give me a hard time about this. Brad tried to jump in, but I quickly reminded him that his pants were duct taped together, thus providing the real humor at the table.

All of this to say that boys are kind of stupid. Why would you make fun of a girl when she so clearly has the better material to make fun of? Do you like the attention? Do you like that you’re wearing duct tape pants? That one was pretty funny. If you want a visual on that, read on.

Brad is a rather large fellow. I don’t mean fat, he’s just big. I’d put him somewhere around 6’2″ and he is by no means skinny like some boys. So when Brad falls, he falls hard. And he did. And somewhere along the way split his pants at the crotch region. He then had to get Nigel to duct tape them together (See Brad, this is why you don’t make fun of someone who blogs).

Back to Rachel, after she gave me a hard time, she apologized and asked if I was okay. “Um… yes. It was well over a month ago. I don’t think I’m allowed to not be okay now”.

We interrupt this blog-cast to announce that my father just sent me a text that said “Astros Friday evening?”, which means that I might get to go see my ‘stros play baseball, which means my Friday might suck a little less. Back to you at the computer.

She seriously felt bad for making fun of me after that, and worse that I didn’t update her on the news. I told her that at least she got to know we were dating. David didn’t get that much knowledge. Also, she was mad I never text her to go play volleyball to which I kindly reminded her that she needs to text me more often so she’ll be in my recent contacts. That’s just how our relationship works. It’s fun. I love my RUF people.

Also, last night Evan had to explain to me what a beta key was because I am computer retarded. He even had to tell me whether that was actually a good thing or not because a game that might have bugs in it did not sound all that great to me. He told me I should be excited for whoever had it, to which I responded “boys and their games”. I’m sorry if you’re a girl who likes games and that offends you, but all of the people I know who know what a beta key is are boys. At least some of them have girlfriends.

After the party we went and saw Date Night! (For those of you who don’t know about Relient K’s book about girl’s, you probably won’t get this but continue reading anyways) And the movie was like… totally funny! It was like… the best movie ever! Tina Fey is hilarious! Steve Carell is like… the funniest man alive!

Seriously though, the movie was pretty funny. Definitely worth the $4 I had to pay for it. On a side note, this girl at the ticket stand wouldn’t give the student discount to a girl who had her Aggie ring. I would have been like “it has an 11 on it!” and my name. Come on. I didn’t graduate in 1911! People at Cinemark are ridiculous.

That’s all I have today. Tomorrow’s post will be awesome!

Spoiler alert: it might not be. Don’t get your hopes up.

*This is bang:


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