Hello, My Name is Jessica, and I Have Nothing to Say

So basically that means that you get to take a trip down memory lane, or randomness lane, or whatever you want to call it. Today I might just be introducing you to the inside of my head for the first time. I hope you brought your umbrella (no, it’s not raining).

My current irritation is that my “,” button isn’t working properly. Sure, it works, but I have to press it down really hard. And sometimes several times. My “x” button was the same way last week. It turned “texting” into “texxxting”. Stupid keyboard.

My parents were in town this weekend (for like… a few hours) and they took me out to dinner (they picked even though they weren’t hungry). We went to Applebees. I don’t really like Applebees. I like Chili’s, I like On the Border (I had that last night). Back on track here, we went to Best Buy because my mother has a gift card. She wants to buy a laptop with it. I got to play with an iPad. Now I want one. I want a new laptop too though. I’d rather have one of those. It irritates me that the iPad won’t let you rest on the keyboard. I’m like HOW is that cool? It’s not.

Mr. Baacke once said “if you’re bored, it means you’re boring”. I wonder if that works for everything. “If you’re irritated, it means your irritating”. I am, I will not lie. I’m an only child and deep down, I think I have a bit of younger sibling syndrome than anything else. Except I’m spoiled. Wait, that still fits. Doesn’t it? I have no idea how a family unit with more than one child functions.

I’m trying to think of other things I could share that wouldn’t ruin Friday or next Monday’s posts. I could tell you all that my friend Scott made me try his cherry limeade with vanilla and now I am addicted to it. Or that I should really be studying for biochem on Friday. OR that we found out who we’re all riding with to Florida, and I am super excited about it.

Something that makes me happy is when people “friend” me on Facebook after we hang out. Especially if I think I’m already friends with them. I really just assume I’m friends with everyone, because I usually am. Ask my mini-feed. It thinks so too. It’s also cool that it’s someone I had a dream about last week.

I have a rather large container of sour cream in my fridge for tonight’s Cinco de Mayo Party Fiesta. You know what rhymes with fiesta that I want right now? A nap. Think about it. My friend Peter says that I should tell you all about how Star Wars Day “beats the crap” out of Cinco de Mayo. I’ll agree.

I have a funny story from my Best Buy adventures with my parents. But first I must tell you something strange about me. I like walking up to people (who I know) and either touching or grabbing their butts. Only if it’s slightly appropriate though. I like to make people uncomfortable. It’s fun for me. On to the story!

I was standing behind this lady who was looking at things with this guy from Best Buy. It wasn’t exactly a tight squeeze, but I’m telling you, an elephant sure couldn’t have walked down that isle (and neither could Lindsay Lohan with all of us standing there). So we’re facing away from each other and I guess she must have had her palm facing towards me because when she bent over to look at something her hand cupped my butt. I was thinking “hmm, that’s weird”, in the milisecond it took to make me uncomfortable enough to move away from this butt-grabbing shopper. She turned around and said “I’m sorry”, and without missing a beat she said “did you enjoy that?” Who would ask that?! People in College Station are weird.

For the record, I did not enjoy that. But I like that I have a funny story to share.

I also like that there are so many parties this week!

Well, I think this is all that I have to say. Funny how this post is longer than my other ones when I have something to say.

I will leave you with a song that’s from the cd that the most awesome person in the world bought me.


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