My Dreams are Crazy (3)

I never cease to be amazed by my subconscious’ ability to take something that I had thought of this week and turn it into the most random dream ever. So without further ado, here are my dreams from last week, in no particular order.

Mike Math
There’s this guy named Mike who’s a friend of a friend. He invited me to hang out with him at a math class he was taking. This wasn’t your usual math class. Actually, I’m not sure about that because I don’t really have any math classes that weren’t calculus. I hear there are some pretty fun ones. Anyways, it was addition and the like. Only they used ridiculously big words and you had to make up the equation yourself. One of the equations was long + tan = legs. I decided that it would be more correct if it was bone + muscle = legs. They thought I was a genius. Another weird part about this math class is that it was in a convenient store. I had taken Mike’s seat and so I couldn’t even sit next to him. Also, at some part of this class, this girl just walked out. And I took notes!

Bachelor Biology
So I had a dream that I was on the Bachelor. I really don’t know why. But I was also an elementary school math and science teacher. I was teaching my class about greater than/less than, and it slipped out that there were negative numbers. This sent the class into a mild panic. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to show them all of the stuff they have to look forward to like integrals, imaginary numbers, long division, etc. Also, I found that it is ridiculously hard to teach someone photosynthesis without using the word “electron” after taking micro and biochem 2 in the same semester.

Arrested Development with the Parents
Right now I’m watching Arrested Development with a friend here on some nights. In this dream we somehow end up watching it with my parents, too. My parents wouldn’t let us watch it in my room and he snuck Bud Light Lime back into the back room. There was also something else in that back room. I can’t exactly remember what it was. I also got into a huge fight with my parents over the fact that my computer doesn’t accept wireless so if they could please get it fixed instead of just getting me a router that would be awesome. They wouldn’t have it. I fell asleep watching the show and then woke up at what I thought was 10, but was really 5. I took this survey on the bachelor and then my dad asked me how I took a survey in my sleep. Apparently, I can sleep survey. That’s also how that dream led into the next one.

Sonic and Sports Cars
In this dream, I went to Sonic with a bunch of people from RUF. We decided not to sit in my car since it was too small, so we went over to Wes’ who normally drives a huge truck (I have no idea if this is actually true, but it was in my dream) but Wes was in an accident so he was borrowing his mom’s sports car. Let me tell you, it looked like his mom’s sports car. I ate a number 5 like I always do and a bunch of us ended up wrestling in my front yard. On the car ride back, Brad kept asking me what a certain something he had found was for. I wouldn’t tell him (this obviously stemmed from last night’s interrogation. He was trying to get me to tell him who I liked).

And there you have it folks. Happy Monday!

P.S. Tomorrow is Friday! (redefined day)

P.P.S. I love this song!


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