My Dreams are Crazy (2)

I really wish that I had started to write them all down. I’ve had so many this week. In fact, I had 4 just on Saturday night. I have a sleep disorder where I wake up at the end of every sleep cycle, so it gives me a lot of opportunity to remember my dreams.

Plane Trip
Okay, so Ben (our RUF minister) and I were taking a trip to Greece. Naturally, we took a plane there. However, the plane ride wasn’t a direct one. We started off in L.A. (I don’t even know how we got there) and made our way to New York. From New York we went to Florida, and then from Florida we went to Houston then College Station and THEN Greece. I asked him why we couldn’t have just left from College Station and he replied “well the people we’re meeting there had to travel from France so we needed to take the same amount of time” (yeah, figure that one out).

Peter, Nigel, and I were working on a crossword puzzle in the front entry way of my apartment. We were trying to figure out several clues and this crossword puzzle seemed to have a time limit. I couldn’t spell anything correctly which wasn’t helping. It was very frustrating. So then we started looking stuff up online and we found a lot of clues that way. Then we were stuck on this one (our last one) and we asked a guy that was currently taking chemistry. He told us the answer was 6 even though the answer was really OH. Anyways, we didn’t get to finish the puzzle.

Peter Baseball
In this one, Peter gets drafted into the MLB to play for some team either in Washington D.C. or Seattle, I can’t really remember. Anyways, he doesn’t want to go, but his manager already told him yes. Then his YoungLife kids decide to throw him a party to celebrate and they put up an invitation on Facebook. I was invited so I wrote on the wall of the event. Apparently my Num Lock was on because nothing I wrote made sense. Then I had to write it all over again.

A&M in a Lake
This one wasn’t very long. It had rained a lot here and Mariah and I were having to walk across campus from BioBio. She asked me if it had rained and I told her “no, I just put A&M in a lake”.

This one has got to be the weirdest. We were sitting in class, but no one was really paying any attention to the professor (who I’m pretty sure was Jennifer Aniston). Then all of a sudden the lights start going on and off and she was like “oh no! My friend is here. He’s an assassin and he’s going to kill you if you don’t pay attention”. So we had to find out where he was. We were looking all over and then I spotted the gun. It was aimed slightly higher than me so I was trying to work my way across the aisle and up the steps to get outside. I’m pretty sure we were in HECC and there was this lady sitting outside where they sell bluebooks and I told her I was going to call the cops. She told me that they wouldn’t take me seriously so she picked up the phone and told the police that there was a man with a gun here. Then the whole building got evacuated and I had a nice chat with the assassin. When we all went back inside, I paid attention to Jennifer Aniston’s lecture.


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