Softly Call the Muster

So at A&M we have two traditions (well, we have WAY more than that, but only two that I’m going to talk about). One of which is Silver Taps and the other of which is Muster.

Silver Taps is a ceremony that takes place at 10:30 on the first Tuesday of every month to celebrate the lives and mourn the loss of current Aggies who have died over the past month. Muster is like Silver Taps, only it’s for every present or past Aggie that has died over the past year. It’s also the 50th year reunion for the graduating class of (this year was 1960). They call each name out (like a roll call) and a candle is lit for each person. Their friends and family answer “here” for them. I’ve gone each year that I’ve been here, and it’s pretty cool. Aggies all over the world gather together to celebrate Muster. Freshman year was the only year that I’ve participated in all of it though. There’s a bbq in Sabisa with the former students from 50 years ago. It’s pretty cool to hear about how things used to be “back in Old Army”.

My favorite part of Muster has got to be the speaker. Last year it was Dr. Robert Gates and this year it was Maj. Stephen G. Ruth ’92. He gave a really amazing speach about what it means to be an Aggie. He is seriously an awesome speaker. He talked about our memories that we’ll have and mentioned Aggie Ring Day. Then he asked us to raise our hands if our ring was only 5 days old. I got to raise mine, of course, which I was really excited about. Then he asked us to raise our hands if our ring was 50 years old. There were some old Ags in the back that raised their hands. It was SO COOL.

It’s times like these when I experience our traditions that I remember the reason why I became a Fightin’ Texas Aggie. Whoop!

We gather here to mark the day Aggies proudly stand.
To honor those who’ve gone before to the promised land.
Each name is called upon the roll, comrades answer “Here.”
Trumpets sound their sad good-bye to those we held so dear.
All heads are bowed in silent pledge never to forget.
While rifles fire their last salute echoes answer yet.
To their mem’ry we’ll be true; we will take their place.
One for all and all for one ever in Thy grace.
We’ll meet again another day, reunion while we pray
To ask Thy blessing on each one on this Muster day,
Aggie Muster Day.


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