I Just Can’t Stop Staring

You know when you pass a really bad car accident, or you see someone pulled over on the side of the road and you look to see what’s going on? Well, my ring kind of has that effect on me. Except it doesn’t stop traffic. Or suck.

On Friday, I got my Aggie Ring. It sparkles, it shines, it makes me happy inside. I was in the middle of a conversation with my parents shortly after I got it while we were waiting for Mariah to meet us back outside and it caught my eye. I lost all focus on the conversation and just stood there staring at it. Now, I’ve never really been big on jewelry, but I love this ring. Something about it just makes me feel more like me. I’m probably sounding crazy to all y’all non-Aggies out there, huh?

Alright, so how about a new topic?

I think I need some other activity to do during the week besides ToT and 7 Quick Takes. I mean Chelsea has her Biggest Loser updates and Pregnant Pauses. Matt and Ashley have their Scatterbrain. Any ideas?  I just feel like I need more motivation to blog. Lately my life has been all about the ring and trying not to fail my classes. I’m not sure how the latter is going.

So on CNN.com there is a headline that says “Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes, Iran Cleric Says”. Um… sure, dude. That’s it. If he really thinks that, He’s probably crazy. Also, he’s probably not a geologist. Just saying.

Alright, so that’s really all I’ve got for today. Happy Humpday. Tomorrow I’m talking about Muster.


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