My Dreams are Crazy

I’m about to let you into one of the most private things a person has: dreams. These dreams occurred last Wednesday night, but I’ve already scheduled posts for Thursday and Friday so this will just have to do. I had 4 dreams, each of them very weird and very different.

The first dream was fairly short. I was eating lunch with a married couple from RUF: Cody and Katy. Now I know Katy, we both went to girl’s lunch last year together, but I don’t know either of them that well. But there we were, sitting around a table, chatting like old friends. We were talking about all kinds of things and then the topic of Peter came up. It was really strange. They decided that we should really be together or just stop talking. I mean, that’s what everyone says but meh.

The second dream was also fairly short. We were watching tv online when I noticed a house that looked a lot like ours. I ran over to the computer and my dad replayed it. They had shot an HGTV show in our neighborhood and it featured the house that was across the street from my grandma and grandpa’s. Apparently my grandpa was out-of-town that weekend (I have no idea why, my grandpa doesn’t really go anywhere without my grandma) and so my grandma was really freaked out. She closed all the blinds in her house and put the curtains down and hid in a back room. I had apparently left my collection of dvd’s there and she had sorted through all of them and given me some new ones, along with a few vhs tapes. I was going through those and found some truly interesting ones.

The third dream was also kind of crazy. We were on a plane that takes people on really short trips, but it was really more like a bus. Jonathan Hall was driving it and he was driving it like a maniac. Then when we got to our destination I went off on him. I kept quoting my mother who always says “the number one rule of driving is always make your passengers feel comfortable”. Thanks mom. I also had a lovely conversation with a pilot about the differences between being a pilot and a flight attendant. Apparently on this plane there wasn’t a difference.

The fourth dream was me having lunch at Dos Mas with Amy, Monet, Chris Justiz, and Tom. That’s a weird group in case you were wondering. I think Monet was supposed to be Evan, but somewhere through the dream he became Monet. I have no idea why. Then we were cooking habatchi at Dos Mas and there was a HUGE pile of cut up chicken that you were supposed to take a bowl of to put on your grill. The rice looked like macaroni and the salsa tasted like chilli. Then this competition started between me and someone against Venus and Serena Williams who were actually two Taiwanese men. We did all kind of weird games and they were going up ropes. Whoever else I was with and I lost in the first round so Serena and Venus were now going against each other. I can’t for the life of me remember who won, but then one of them turned out to be a girl.

Anyways, that’s all. Hope that helps get you through your Monday!


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