You’re Probably Not Going to Want to Read This

Because probably, somewhere along the way, I’m going to bash my ex boyfriend. That’s just what kind of mood I’m in today. The one where I get everything out in the nice, wide-open internet. Word to the wise: never date a blogger. At least I’m not famous.

Ok, so Monday would have made it 2 months. 2 months? That’s not a long time, why are you so upset? Oh, a number of reasons. It was our fifth time dating. Oh yeah. 5. He was my best friend. Oh, and most importantly, he dumped me through text. Who does that?!

Regardless of that last little statement, I can still respect myself. So. No more he-who-shall-not-be-named jr. in my life. We’re okay with this. We’re moving on.

I had lunch will Callie yesterday and she wanted to talk about this. I… didn’t. I didn’t really want it to be real. It doesn’t feel any different. I guess that’s the bonus to having a long distance relationship.

Seriously. Through a text.

I’m going to continue shaking my head and go get ready to face the day.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and a side note, Mariah told me I’ve been a lot peppier this week. Go figure.


One response to this post.

  1. Didn’t Joe Jonas do that to Taylor Swift? And look at her! So I guess you’re in good company.

    Hurt me one, shame on you.
    Hurt me twice, shame on me.
    What’s the fifth time?
    I think this would be your cue to say, “Peace out dude! It’s done. For good. Amen.”


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