7 Quick Takes – 3 More Weeks!

Happy Friday! I’m so happy that the weekend’s here, and I think I actually have 7 things I can talk about. Normally I struggle with this quite a bit, so here we go!

  1. The 3 more weeks in the title is in reference to my Aggie Ring. My ring finger is very lonely and can’t wait to have that piece of gold on it. You want to see a picture of what it will look like?Isn’t it gorgeous? It’ll be like that only with an 11 where the 05 is.
  2. Last night I went to Denny’s for the first time in a while. I got a Hooburrito because we went late at night. Well really, early in the morning. I think it was around 12:30. The lady told me they were out of cheese sauce. I was kind of sad because I love their cheese sauce. I had to settle for salsa. There was cheese sauce in my burrito so I suffered silently until I heard some lady ask “is that my cheese sauce?” Turns out, they were not out of the tasty cheese sauce. I had been lied to! Then I suffered loudly. Read: I complained about it a lot to Jared.
  3. I am currently watching episodes from the second season of the Big Bang Theory. I got current on How I Met Your Mother. Next we’ll be watching Arested Development. I love tv without commercials.
  4. Tomorrow is Big Event! This is only my second year participating and I have no idea what we’re going to be doing this year, but I am excited. I also forgot to tell my parents about this so I’m going to need to make a phone call and disappoint them. I’m afraid to do it, so I’ve been putting it off all week. It only delays their seeing my by a day…
  5. Earlier, I think I might have said something about Justin Beiber radio on Pandora being awesome (because it is). It’s definitely my favorite station. I created a Ludacris one because I wanted to hear “How Low Can You Go?”, but that one is just bad. There are way too many songs that aren’t very good. Luckily, I did get to hear “Move, Bitch” before I decided that Ludacris radio wasn’t my forte, and deleted it.
  6. Freshman year, I was dating this guy that was really good at paint (the program on microsoft). I’m talking like, really good. Need proof?It actually looks like the bulldog he gave me. Don’t ask my why Baylor has a bulldog with its logo on it and not a bear. They’re Baylor. They don’t make sense.
  7. Tuesday I made shirts for my volleyball team. Jared helped me paint on the logo and be “artistic” when we messed that up. I still need to redo Nathan’s shirt. I’ll probably have do that in Houston, now that I think about it. Or today. Decisions, decisions.

I will leave you with this awesome song.


One response to this post.

  1. lol Yea Baylor, I dont get em either. Nice ring, I never got a college ring now I wish I had. Big Bang Theory is awesome, but scary how much of it I relate to.


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