Soon I’ll be an Assassin

So watch your back. I’m kidding, there’s only one person that needs to. And soon, I’ll be coming after him/her with a spoon! midnight today, assassins starts. That’s in about 9.5 hours! I’m pretty excited. I could technically get my first kill soon, but I’m not sure his/her friends would help. We’ll have to see!

Last year, I only killed someone that let me kill him, and then I got killed by my target. Lame. Hopefully this year I’ll do better.

An update on what’s actually going on in real life, I might have to drop one of my classes. It wouldn’t put me back or anything, but I hate having to use up a Q drop. I’ve only used one so far, and the I decided to fail the class the next time. Ridiculous. The class? GENE 431. The reportedly hardest class at Texas A&M. Whoop.

I really need to study for the next two tests to stay in the class. I have until April 6th to decide what I’m going to do. That’s the day of the third test. I really should have talked to her after the first one, but I just didn’t have the time. Why is school kicking my butt this semester? Oh yeah. I’m taking 16 hours. 4 of which are labs. I forgot I was crazy.

If you’ve never seen the show “My Life As Liz” on mtv then you’re really missing out. It’s the best show ever. Maybe.

Also, this has just been a terrible week, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

Big Event is on Saturday. Yay!


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