ToT – Spring Break is Over

1. When you were a senior in high school, what career did you think you’d choose? Did you? Why or why not?
It was only 3 or 4 years ago and I can’t even remember. Something to do with science, I’m sure. I’m still in college so who knows what I’ll be doing.
2. What one thing about the “real world” did you find most surprising once you were on your own?
How expensive everything is. I am constantly broke.
3. Name 3 things you think your closest friends DON’T like about you.
How much I talk about my boyfriend, the way I get after I’ve had too much caffeine, and the way I get when I’m mad/hungry/tired.
4. In order to sleep, do you need background noise or absolute quiet?
In order to sleep I need to not be sick, have the fan going, and be tired.

5. Why do you choose to reside in your current city? Yes, you have a choice :-)

Because that’s where the most awesome college in the whole wide world is. Duh.
6. Are you close to your parents?
Extremely. I’m an only child.

7. What is your favorite fiction book? Poem? Blog?

Book – The Icarus Hunt
Poem – The Road not Taken
Blog – Probably Roots and Rings because it’s the only one I read on a regular basis.
8. Do you enjoy cooking or is it a chore?
If I have a lot of time and I’m not starving, I enjoy it.

9. Be honest. What one thing would (the majority of) your blog readers be shocked to find out about you?

I don’t really know. I’m not a very shocking person. Since I think Mariah is the majority of my readers, I’ll say that… I’M TANNING! Rather rapidly. Although my back is peeling a bit. =[
10. If you were given your own national holiday, what would you require people to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Day of You? Would there be a parade? Greeting cards?
Oooh, the day of me. There would definitely be greeting cards. Cheesy ones with cute puppy dogs and hearts and flowers. For breakfast people would have to eat kolaches and donut holes. For lunch people would eat a Shiner Bock BBQ Burger. For dinner people would eat pizza. It would be my favorite day ever.


One response to this post.

  1. I’ll need to argue with your #5.


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