Weekend Bliss?

So many things happened this weekend that I feel like I could talk about. What I usually do when that happens is just post abut all of them. Maybe I’ll save them all up and post about one each day this week. It’s a good thing Mondays aren’t 7 Quick Takes.

Has anyone noticed that Easter is extrememly early this year? Or that there’s always that HUGE cold front that comes in right before it? I haven’t. My grandparents and mom were talking about that Friday.

As I was driving home from Beaumont yesterday at an hour that I believe was entirely too late (and am very greatful to the Lord that I made it home safely), I saw what I thought was sand or cotton coming at me. According to weather.com, it was snow.

SNOW. In March. In Texas. During Spring Break.

This is just ridiculous.

I’ve seen so many people update their statuses on Facebook about the snow, then they make some comment about Global Warming not happening. Um… anyone seen the Day After Tomorrow? This is supposed to happen.

I love snow, but not in Texas. My homeland isn’t supposed to get this much snow. Maybe in a decade combined, but sheesh, weather. Can’t you do something a little less insane? For once?

The rest of the weekend will be posted W/R.

Happy Monday! (Also, Happy Birthday Amy! and happy back to school for most of us)


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