7 Quick Takes

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jessica. She was born on May 22, of the first year of the 1990s. She was born to two people who tanned easily. Jessica however, did not. She was destined to burn for the rest of her life. These, are her 7 Quick Takes.

  1. Until today, I’d been able to say that I’d never watched the office. Well my friends, I’m watching the office. I’m also writing this on Thursday, so when y’all read this, I probably won’t be. Watching it, that is. I’ll still “be”. I will continue to be until… well I don’t know. But according to Gilmore Girls, some insurance agencies have a program where if you answer a few simple questions, they can pinpoint how and when you’ll die. Crazy.
  2. I’m in Galveston having an awesome time right now. If you couldn’t tell from my intro, I’m also very burned. Very. Why? Because I’m white, hadn’t been out in the sun since the summer of 2008, and haven’t been tan since the 4th grade. It would be ridiculous. I wish I could be a color other than white or pink.
  3. I’m on a Mac right now. This is pretty crazy for me considering I’m PC born and bred. I’m kind of a fan of this, but the volume buttons are a b.i.t.c.h. It took me forever to find them, and then I thought you had to press the fn button with them, but you don’t. Stupid.
  4. We watched a scary movie Wednesday night. It was Scream. I love that movie, but Lindsay really hates scary movies. It was really funny. It’s kind of the opposite of what I normally do on a Wednesday night.
  5. Thursday we spent all day on the beach (where I got incredibly burned) and my phone died. Rosey let me borrow her phone so that I could talk to my boyfriend. She told me no dirty texts then I proceeded to drop her phone in the sand. Hah. Get it? Dirty texts. Yeah, I’m a nerd.
  6. I have a few short days to figure out if I’m going to drop mol gene or not. I really don’t want to have to, but there’s a good chance that I’m going to switch to biology as my major. We’ll see.
  7. This 7 quick takes is a lot longer than any of the other ones that I’ve done. I think that’s cause I have more time to think about my random thoughts and what I want to say. Does that make them 7 slow takes? I feel like I should rename them. Otherwise I’m lying. Sorry guys…

Happy Friday! Do something awesome this weekend! See you on Monday!


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